best-breastThere are factors negatively affecting the look of a woman’s breasts. The most important of them are breastfeeding, pregnancy and fast weight loss. Age and certain life circumstances can promptly make your breast look not attractive any more.
Sagging breasts make women feel uneasy. Some natural variations in body shapes among different people are quite normal. However, the widely advertised appearance of young celebrities and supermodels who augment their breasts creates a harmful stereotype of how the female breast must look. You should not follow this pattern though.
Your breasts can become sagged because of reduced elasticity of the surrounding skin and relevant ligaments. The key factors that effect the process ( from are:

  • Age. This is a natural and crucial factor for the skin elasticity reduction.
  • Large breasts. The fact is that big-sized breasts start sagging much earlier than small ones. The weight of large breasts negatively affects supporting ligaments.
  • Weight loss is another factor that can lead to irreversible breast sagging.
  • Periods of breastfeeding and pregnancy. Changes in a woman’s body during these periods, like hormonal changes and breast growth, provoke breast sagging.

How to avoid breast sagging? Start doing something whenever you notice that your breasts are getting sagged. Your breast is to be cared about since young age to prevent sagging. Here are some tips to help you correct your breast curves:

– Stop smoking. Smoking makes the skin older and decreases its elasticity. Ligaments and the skin around the breast area are also damaged.
– Be active. Doing some exercises will help you firm up the breast. Train your chest muscles, which are responsible for keeping the breast perky.
– Follow a healthy diet. The right diet can really make your skin younger. Healthy meal including vegetables, fruits and water can effectively nourish your skin and maintain the necessary level of its elasticity. Vitamin C is known to improve the skin elasticity too. So it is strongly recommended to drink juices, water and take some OTC vitamins.
– Wear bra. It is very important to help your ligaments and the surrounding skin to support your breasts thus preventing sagging. Always wear a supportive bra for this purpose.
– Lube your breast. Care about your breast regularly. Use moisturizers or breast-firming creams for the purpose.

If you want to improve the appearance of your breast, start doing what will help you make your bust more attractive. Besides the advices mentioned above, you can also consider wearing bras with push-up effect to enhance the breasts.