male supplementsThe sperm quality is a rather delicate issue. This is because there are a great variety of factors which can affect it for both worse and better.

Generally, the sperm quality means sperm count and sperm mobility, both being crucial factors for male fertility.

Fortunately, one can improve both parameters by simply making some lifestyle changes. Let’s consider some basic recommendations.

  • Give up smoking

Numerous studies prove that nicotine kills, or at least immobilizes, a big part of your sperm, which can cause problems with getting your partner pregnant.

Just give up smoking if you look for opportunities to increase your chances to be a parent.

  • Eat healthy food

What we eat affects each and every function of the human body; sperm production is not the exception. You can improve the quality of your sperm by just consuming healthy food.

Here are the products that can be recommended for the purpose:
– Zinc-containing food – oysters, sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds, pumpkin seeds etc.
– Selenium-containing food – liver, shrimp, turkey, sardines etc.
– Food rich in vitamin E – almonds, sunflower seeds, spinach etc.
– Food rich in vitamin B12 – eggs, oysters, caviar, crab etc.
– Food rich in vitamin C – oranges, lemons, bell peppers, tomatoes etc.
– Food rich in antioxidants – berries, grapes, lemons, green tea, green vegetables etc.

Along with that, you have to avoid some non-healthy products, for example those containing soy. The point is that soy contains phyto-estrogens, which are natural analogues of estrogen, a female hormone.

  • Take supplements or herbs

There are some natural herbs on known for their ability to increase sperm count and mobility. You can use them directly or in the form of supplements.

Here are some major substances to let you know what to look for: ginseng root, gingko biloba, maca root, yohimbe, saw palmetto, horny goat weed, goji berry, and a number of others.

  • Control your weight

Excessive weight has negative effect on male fertility and can even cause erectile dysfunction. Fortunately, you can easily track changes of your weight and even control it effectively and harmlessly within a certain range.

According to studies, sedentary lifestyle leads to lower sperm count. So physical mobility and exercises are a must. Controlling your weight and reducing it if needed will bring soon results in terms of the sperm quality. This is in fact an easy though effective way, as all you need is just moderate physical activity and some common exercises.

  • Don’t get overheated

Medical studies give evidence that keeping your testicles warm is harmful for your sperm cells. Lower temperatures help to maintain quality and vitality of the sperm.

To fulfill this recommendation, avoid wearing warm and tight pants. Also, try not to keep your legs crossed. Avoiding hot bathes is also a good recommendation; you would better take a warm shower.

The recommendations mentioned above are rather easy-to-implement. At the same time, they can give soon and effective improvement and help you become a parent soon.